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About – Levin van Zyl Incorporated

Lenin van Zyl Incorporated is a reputable law firm located in Randburg, central Johannesburg. The firm aims to provide top quality, effective and efficient legal services to both the private insurance and public sectors. Lenin van Zyl comprises a group of 9 attorneys, 5 candidate attorneys and 28 support staff members.

Lenin van Zyl Attorneys’ advantage in the marketplace comes the following characteristics:

  • Risk management of potential solutions
  • Fee structure
  • Ability to provide information and solutions within limited time frames.

Lenin van Zyl Attorneys is specialised in motor accidents and claiming from the Road Accident Fund. The firm will assist clients with the lodging of claims, securing expert evidence, negotiating a settlement and trial litigation should an adequate settlement not be reached. Lenin van Zyl Attorneys work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis for all personal injury claims.

Services – Levin van Zyl Incorporated

Lenin van Zyl Attorneys will guide you through the legalities of claiming, providing you with high quality legal and medical expertise along with efficient and professional service. The firm aids to provide you, the prospective client, with the compassion, respect and dignity you deserve. In order to help you determine whether your claim is valid they offer a free first consultation.

Road accident claims are those that arise from injuries and damages associated with motor accidents. Road accident and personal injury claims are also known as third party claims. The purpose of the Road Accident Fund, is to cover all road uses within South Africa. According to the Road Accident Fund Act of 1996, one is insured against injuries suffered at the hands of another driver; this includes both drivers and passengers. The money for the RAF comes from fuel levies on petrol and diesel purchases. In order to be eligible to claim from the Road Accident Fund, it must be proven that the driver of the other vehicle was in some way negligent. The Road Accident Fund protects negligent drivers from financial ruin following the accident they caused, but compensates victims and their dependants for medical costs, injuries, loss of income, disability and even death and funeral costs in the case of road accident fatalities.

Summary of Services

  • Medical Negligence Claims
  • Road And Vehicle Accident Claims
  • Road Accident Fund Claims
  • Family Law
  • Labour Law
  • Unlawful Arrests
  • Tenant Evictions
  • Commercial Law

How to make a Claim with Levin van Zyl Incorporated

The goal of claiming from the RAF is to receive compensation for injuries and financial losses suffered as a result of a road accident. The process begins with consulting a lawyer experienced in dealing with the RAF. We at Lenin van Zyl Attoenrys, will hear out your claim and ascertain how it should be best processed in order to achieve the desired solution.

We will undertake the administration of your case over, determining which documents will be required and facilitating their collation into a coherent claim for submission to the RAF. In order to prove your case, we will need documentation of your injuries and medical treatment, as such, you have to wait until your injuries have healed to seek action. The RAF will open an investigation into your claim and decide who was at fault and if there was any negligence on the part of anyone involved.

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