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Pieter Nel Attorneys - High quality legal services

Our law firm has over 10 years of experience in the field of third party accident claims. At Pieter Nel Attorneys, we specialise in this particular field of personal injury law.

Other areas which we specialise in include pothole claims, claims against the police and against state departments, civil law and labour law and debt collection.

We are proud of the fact that we offer professional services of the highest quality with great speed and utmost dedication.

We started our operations back in 2003

Since then, our legal practice has grown to become one of the largest firms specialising in third party law in Nelspruit.

At present, we have a large team of lawyers and specialists in fields which are linked to our cases.

We all work together to develop and implement the most effective strategies for achieving the Road Accident Fund claim goals of our clients. We have helped many individuals and businesses.

You have the right to claim for compensation

The victims of road accidents in South Africa have the right to receive compensation for personal injury if it has been caused by the negligence of a driver.

This is done through the institution of third party claims against the Road Accident Fund. We, at Pieter Nel Attorneys, specialising in the provision of complete legal services to accident victims and their families.

Specialist in the field of personal injury

Our team includes lawyers and specialists in other fields who work together to build strong cases and earn fair personal injury compensation for our clients.

A claim can be lodged on the behalf of the victim, the victim's family if the person is the main breadwinner or the victim's parents if the person is a minor.

In order for a car accident claim to be valid, the negligence of the driver and the personal injury of the victim have to be proven. We will do all the necessary work to ensure that you get fully compensated.

Pieter Nel Attorneys Third-party Accident Claim

  • Claim Type Third-party Accident Claims

Benefits of Pieter Nel Attorneys

  • CLAIMS Against The Road Accident Fund
  • THIRD Party Claims

Pieter Nel Attorneys - Specialists in third party claims

A third party claim or case is built on motor vehicle accidents that caused injury as a result of another negligent driver.

If this has happened to you, contact us as soon as possible. The person eligible to make a claim can be a driver, passenger or a pedestrian. The longer you wait before contacting us the longer it will take to get your compensation paid out.

Evidence and documentation is important

On consult of your first appointment with us, bring along as much evidence and documentation as possible. Medical and doctor reports, photographs, and any other documents that can help us build a strong third-party claim on your behalf.

During the process, we will be open and honest and keep you updated on the processed. With us, on your side, you can relax and let us do the hard work. You can be confident that you will have the best legal representation. We have a winning attitude and we always strive for the best possible result.

A third party claim can be based on a number of injuries including:

  • Fatal injuries to the breadwinner of the family
  • Any injury sustained through a motor vehicle accident
  • Injuries to minors

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