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We take initiative to assist injured persons after an accident caused by negligence. We empower you to look after yourself assisting with legal advice for yourself and your loved ones. Steering you in the right direction and holding your hand through the next process.  As we are not lawyers we simply provide information to you as a victim, and give you advice on the process to follow in order to make a claim.

Motor vehicle accidents are common types of claims in SA

If you have been involved in a car accident where a negligent driver caused injury to yourself, we advise you on the procedures to take moving forward, and what relevant information is needed to get what you deserve through compensation. We provide useful tips to undertake during this stressful time and what the damages incurred in the accident determine the outcome of the claim.

Head injuries incurred from a bad fall, violent assaults or being hit by an object can be devastating to an adult or child. These specific injuries can have long term effects which could possibly be life changing and effect you every day living.  We will be able to assess whether or not you can claim compensation for your injury and the way forward when seeking an attorney or legal action.

If you happen to be walking on a slippery surface and freshly mopped floor, where no caution signs have been placed, you may be subject to a slip and fall. In cases of slipping in public areas the local municipality and government are responsible for any personal injury claims.

We can offer advice on what procedures to follow when it comes to the process following these unfortunate accidents.

Whatever your claim, if you are a victim of a negligent inflicted accident, our website will assist you with the right process to follow – know your rights!